Drawing more from observation

June 29, 2018

Some of the best things to draw are all around you. If you already draw and want to improve read this for some reminders. If you say you cannot draw and want to change that read on!


Someone saw my sketchbook open and asked if i could teach them to draw like me. My reply is I can show you techniques that over time will have you drawing better than ever. It won't be like me since each person who draws has their own unique style.


One method I can share here is to draw from observation. Find an interesting pose someone does or a scene you think looks neat. What if you can barely draw a stick figure? Well then start small. Look at an object on the table nearby and draw that. Make it loose and draw it fast. Don't be too concerned with all the details. The first strokes should be light and darker marks are added when you are confident it looks the way you want. Draw the same object several times and make a goal to draw for 15 minutes a day.


Most things can be broken into basic geometric shapes. Try to get the general form. Once it begins to take shape and gets easier consider adding the shadows and light changes you see. In one month compare your first drawing attempts to the most current. You may surprise yourself! It really is muscle memory and attention to detail. 


This first slide is images I had not prepped when the last blog post went up.




These next few are from a recent trip I went to see family.






It was not a pleasant visit. I have found that drawing helps me to deal with times where I need a focus and have no idea what to do. My grandma had been an artist all the life I knew her and was an inspiration for me to pursue the arts.



Finally let me give you a preview of the upcoming blog.



 Maybe I should be a courtroom sketch artist?


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