Still creating

For those of you who enjoy the blog and have given feedback, thank you. This minor delay since the last post has been due to an onslaught of life happenings. There is the everyday things that tend to pile up. Then there is the search for the right job in the field of design/animating/storyboarding. There have been a few requests for me to participate in some freelance projects. Two are more in video editing and the other is in traditional animation. The other thing to balance is making time for Maya. Who is this Maya?

Maya is a moody program needed to make the 3d creations you see on the site. I wanted to revamp the demo reel. It is a work in progress and for a week I have been attacking parts of this.

Organization is key. The rigs, the textures, source images, and scene files. One clip has been reanimated. The list is waiting. Once the existing content has been upgraded I will unleash some new original 3d content! Woo hoo. So yes, balancing all of this has gotten me a bit occupied from posting on here. Apologies. Enjoy the new additions.

Abstract and just from imagination.
Guy leaning and watching unaware of toddler

These guys have never met FYI

Random people caught at random times

Girl tired and ready to go home, guy is talking forever
more random people... victims of the phantom drawer!

Ladies who shine

At dinner too busy to notice me staring and drawing lol

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