Much awaited August good stuff !

Drawn from someone I saw in the airport after Siggraph.

Siggraph was a really big event as usual. My main goal was accomplished. I wanted facetime and feedback from hiring managers at some of the companies it would be great to work with. What I got out of all that was some very specific feedback that will impact every part of my existing demo reel. These changes will take time to make... at least there is direction to get even better! I also learned about some freelance and side projects that can provide experience, exposure, and some with nice side compensation.

Enough of the catching up part! If you read before I mentioned a project that uses a whiteboard style of animation. Here is where you can see the part I can share:

At the bottom of this blog I will include some acknowledgements*

This project began with an idea. After some conversation it became thumbnail sketches. Once basic concepts were agreed on, there was a meeting covering the proposed storyboard along with future planning and action steps. Two more small scale meetings during the execution phase to ensure I had kept the vision of the client fully for the chosen visuals.

Some items were a work of evolving a good thing into a better one.

Looking around at different times for things I could see and draw to communicate a message. On July 4th there was a gathering after some good eating. There was good diversity and mix of people plus my sketchbook was with me. If there is something you cannot get an image in your mind to make for a project, carry the sketchbook with you. It is never known exactly what or when will inspire you!

Now to finish up the blog with those random not finished doodles that some of you really like!

All except one of these were seen the day I went to see a local ballgame.

People from 5 different cities inspired these sketches.

I'll let your imagination wander on this one. If you think you see yourself in one of these drawings, you might be right. Just know that if my glasses are off and you are 25-50 feet away... you are in my strike zone for speed sketch.

Thanks for reading ! Enjoy your Monday and the rest of August while it is here. :)

*Disclaimer for video on link:

What i did NOT do: The Light Bulb The acorn The Tree The change from acorn to tree. The simple Heart. The background and texture of the background

These were open source free vector images. Software company features a limited library to choose from. Original artist not known.

Same source provides a library of background music from a collection to be used in projects like this one.

The script: Yes I assisted in some small parts and rearranged a few items with client approval. The script is written to promote an upcoming sermon series. Efforts of Scott Shepherd and Jon Santiago

What I DID: Every illustration contained in the video except the items listed above. The voiceover was to get the timing correct. The client liked it and it became the voice they are using for this. Audio edits and video edits, composites and final output. I planned and created all visual concepts and ideas that brought the written script into visual form. There was much learned in the process and a new skill added.

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